Silent Night

Type: New Blu-Ray


Santa Claus is coming to town in Silent Night a modern remake of the 1984 horror classic Silent Night Deadly Night. It's the night before Christmas and not a creature is stirring-except for a psycho axe murderer disguised as Santa. When Sheriff Cooper played by Malcolm McDowell (Rob Zombie's Halloween) and his deputy Sheriff Aubrey Bradimore (Jaime King Sin City) investigate a horrific mass homicide at a local motel on Christmas Eve they discover there is a killer Santa Claus on the loose. The officers quickly conclude that the killer is still in the area-but there is one problem: tonight is the annual Santa costume contest and nearly every guy in town is wearing a red suit and a white beard including Sheriff Bradimore's father. With the town's body count rising the race is on to put an end to the jolly old St. Nick's murderous rampage.