Shakma (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B) Cover C

Type: New Blu-Ray

At an American university, dangerous animal experiments are being carried out on baboons under the direction of Professor Sörensen. The scientists and students are put to a hard test. The injected, new agent is actually supposed to curb aggression, but with the baboon SHAKMA it leads to the exact opposite! He becomes extremely aggressive and stunned at the last second! The danger seems to have been averted, so the group of students meets in the dark laboratory rooms at night to play a well-known computer game. Unaware that the killer baboon SHAKMA has awakened and is also hunting in the dark to take revenge on the students...

- Audio commentary
- Trailers
- Trailer show
- Booklet "Horror Hits and Torments of Hell" (20 pages)

- Bonus Blu-ray with another horror film