Seconds (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

To the enigmatic question “Who are SECONDS?”, the film’s original poster responded: “The answer is almost too terrifying for words…. The story of a man who buys for himself a totally new life. A man who lives the age-old dream — If only I could live my life all over again.”


John Frankenheimer directs Rock Hudson as a “second”: that is, the newly plastic-surgery altered “reboot” of, in this instance, a listless banker named Arthur Hamilton. Such procedures are carried out by a secret organization known only as “The Company,” with the promise of giving an individual a chance at making a fresh start at life… but at what cost?


Master lighting cameraman James Wong Howe provides the paranoiac atmosphere to the skewed reality of what came to be widely considered one of Frankenheimer’s very best films. The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present Seconds on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK for the first time.




“A unique, affecting, paranoid science fiction noir with a perfectly cast Hudson doing his best-ever screen acting  ★★★★★” – Empire


“eerie expressionist sci-fi thriller ★★★★★” – Total Film


“Perhaps Frankenheimer’s Seconds was too high-concept for audiences of the 60s, but this sci-fi thriller can now be recognised for its sheer brilliance. It’s an extraordinary experience, and a definitive piece of ‘60s cult sci-fi. Not to be missed. 9/10″ – Starburst


“Modern and deeply unsettling. 9/10” – Uncut


“an achingly sad personal story and a thriller that grips hard all the way to its haunting, gut-punch finale” – SFX


“Pricklingly original” – Sight & Sound



Gorgeous 4K restoration, in 1080p HD on the Blu-ray

Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

Two Feature-length audio commentaries: one by director John Frankenheimer, and one by film scholar Adrian Martin

New video interview with novelist and critic Kim Newman

Original theatrical trailer

Booklet featuring new essays by critics David Cairns and Mike Sutton