Psycho Sisters DVD USED

Type: Used Movies
Out of print for several years, Pete Jacelone's sexy serial killing siblings slasher film Psycho sisters is now an authorized MOD DVD-R available exclusively from the archives of Shock-O-Rama Cinema! Jackie and Jane have been released from the Lawrence Psychiatric Institute after years of therapy. They just want to start their lives over and make a positive contribution to society. As Jackie and Jane see it, a body count of 32 young men and a cupboard full of macabre trophies; is a step in the right direction. After all, two sexy, beautiful women who enjoy cutting men down to size...What could be more natural? Though, lately, Jackie has been softening, curious to experience romance, love and tenderness. But Jane will not tolerate such nonsense. And no-one - not the heavily armed biker gang, not the dominatrix tabloid reporter and her masochistic husband, not even the sinister head psychiatrist nor Jackie's sperm bank employee boyfriend - could possibly imagine these two sweet girls are up to no good...and Beyond Madness.