Phantom From Space / Frozen Alive

Type: New Blu-Ray

PHANTOM FROM SPACE (1953) tells the amazing story of an alien invasion... perpetrated by a single, lone spaceman! In an effort to elude his would-be captors, the creature is forced to ditch his special spacesuit, rendering him invisible! More science fiction hijinks from film direct W. Lee Wilder (THE SNOW CREATURE, KILLERS FROM SPACE).

FROZEN ALIVE (1964) is the grim tale of a respected scientist who decides, perhaps foolishly, to experiment on himself. To complicate the ordeal of being frozen alive further, his wife is found dead and the police suspect the human ice-block of murder! Starring Mark Richards (FURY OF THE WOLFMAN) and directed by Bernard Knowles (MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR).


  • PHANTOM FROM SPACE Theatrical Trailer