Occulture Volume Two: The Devil's Party

Type: Books

This second issue Occulture is dedicated to the Devil: an icon, a rebel, and sometimes a bit of a loser. Come through the shimmering gates, the party is just about to start.


An Apology to Satanism. Writer Antony Shaw explores satanism between public perception and religious reality.

Idle Lands Are the Devil’s Workshop. Hwæt! Magazine’s very own George Parr takes us on a journey through some of the devil’s landmarks of the British countryside.

The Devil is Female. Occult history expert Katie Ness brings the forgotten goddesses of the demonic feminine back to life in an exhaustive and comprehensive research piece.

Burn the Warlock! Editor Chiara Amendola travels back in time to one of the most famous mass possessions in history: these are the devils of Loudun.

Iconography of a Beast. Art critic and historian Bernardo Marconi dissects the imagery of the Devil through the centuries, from the Eastern to the Western world.

Bonus - Go Chase a Demon, A Satanic Short Story

Artwork pieces by Lee Lund, Joe Youngman, Ryan W. Kay, Astrid Björklund, Moritz Krebs, Russell Cook, Maco 1989 and Bunty May Marshall.

Printed in full colour
76 Pages