Occulture Standalone Issue - Occult Remixes

Type: Books

Occult Remixes!

For this standalone issue of Occulture we have handpicked some of our favourite pieces from bygone projects and put them together in a special edition volume.

The topics range from The House With Laughing Windows, a 1970s giallo film and its links to northern Italian folklore, to the weird history of a secluded island in Essex, home to Celtic sacrifices and unsolved Victorian mysteries.
And more: we explore the ecstatic teachings of a former cult leader and frontman of a psych noise act, and the historical and cultural aftermath of the discovery of LSD by scientist Albert Hofmann. We also feature an unpublished short story by Antony Shaw.

Artwork pieces by Church of the Hollow Spider, Gordon Armstrong, Blackcrabart, Ryan W. Kay.

Printed in Full Colour
Perfect binding
36 Pages