Noble House (Region Free) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray


Set amid the high-stakes boardrooms of Hong Kong business, this outstanding 80s miniseries is based on the writings of Australian novelist James Clavell, the mind behind the landmark Shogun series.

Ian Dunross is the new chairman of Struan & Company, the oldest and largest of the British-East Asia trading companies. To the Chinese, that also makes him "Tai-Pan" ("supreme leader") of the "Noble House". Unfortunately, with his power, he inherits ancient promises, dark secrets, and deep financial problems on a small island full of people, who want to see Struan fall, so they can become the new Noble House.

Director: Gary Nelson

Cast: Ben Masters; Deborah Raffin; John Rhys-Davies; Pierce Brosnan


  • NEW! James Clevall Video Essay (2 Parts) by Stephen Vagg