Neon Maniacs (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B) Cover B

Type: New Blu-Ray

You seem to come from another world. They pursue their victims with deadly ferocity. They know no feelings and no pity. And they seem invulnerable. They are not ordinary evil incarnations - they are "Neon Maniacs"! Natalie celebrates her birthday with friends in the city park at night. Suddenly, a bunch of sinister figures appear. What initially looks like Halloween fun soon becomes bloody serious. The bloodthirsty gang slaughters everything. Only Natalie can get in the van
entrench and survive. But since there are no corpses to be found and there are no traces except for strange green slime, nobody believes her. The curious amateur filmmaker Paula investigates the matter on her own. Together with Natalie and her friend Steven she wants to send the creatures back to hell at the "Battle of the Hands" on Halloween...

* Original trailer
* Interview with Special Make-Up Artist Allan Apone
* Isolated "Music Only" track
* Extensive picture gallery
* Program trailer