Naked Vengeance / Vendetta

Type: New Blu-Ray



Carla Harris (Deborah Tranelli, Dallas) leads a normal, happy life until a maniacal killer brutally murders her husband. She retreats to her parent's lakeside cottage. But there is no escape from harsh reality when local rowdies break into the home and ravage Carla, leaving her for dead. That was their first mistake, because Carla has survived their attack and is now bent on gruesome revenge!


VENDETTA (1986, R)


Tough-as-nails stuntwoman Laurie Collins (Karen Chase, Private School) purposely commits a crime to land herself in the same prison as the murderous gang that killed her sister. Now on the inside, Laurie is finally able to settle the score! With the help of her cellmate, Laurie infiltrates the circle of terror – a ruthless mob made up of inmates and guards. What Laurie does to this mob is no accident ... it's justice!