Mutiny on the Bounty DVD USED

Type: Used Movies

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.... Based on the classic novel by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall, this magnificently-photographed three-hour tour charts the tortuous and tragic course of the Bounty, which, in 1787, sailed from England to Tahiti on a "grocer's errand" to transplant breadfruit plants in Jamaica. As the voyage progresses, tensions mount between the heartless disciplinarian Captain Bligh (a commanding Trevor Howard) and his chief officer, Fletcher Christian (Marlon Brando), who does not subscribe to Bligh's philosophy that cruelty with cause is not cruelty. Richard Harris costars as John Mills, an abused crewmember who plants the seeds of treason against Bligh. Mutiny on the Bounty is a see-worthy saga that boasts a provocative Brando performance (his Christian is initially so foppish he makes Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow look like Errol Flynn in The Sea Hawk) and great action set pieces (a raging storm as the Bounty attempts to navigate Cape Horn). And in how many did this film inspire dreams of sailing away to Tahiti? Brando was among them. He married his ravishing costar Tarita, and later bought himself a French Polynesian island. This "Special Edition" replicates the film's original prestigious road show presentation, complete with Overture, Intermission, Entr'acte, and Exit music.