Ms. 45 (Limited Edition Mediabook, Region B) Cover B

Type: New Blu-Ray

The mute Thana works in a clothing factory in New York. Every day she is harassed by men on the way home and ultimately brutally raped by a man wearing a plastic mask. After enduring the ordeal, she surprises a burglar in her apartment that same evening. She is raped again, but this time she kills the perpetrator and dismembers his body. From now on, Thana moves through New York as a man-murdering “Angel of Vengeance”.

- Media book limited to 250 pieces and numbered
- Multi-page booklet
- German and original trailer
- Abel Ferrara about Zöe Tamerlis and the violence in the film
- She wants revenge - An audio commentary by Brad Stevens
- Image gallery
- Press booklet
- Press photos
- Poster photos
- Interview with director Abel Ferrara
- The Soundtrack
- Integerwert with Composer Joe Delia
- Interview with Creative Consultant JackMcintrye