Macabre (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Don't open the fridge!

Lamberto Bava was taught his trade by his father, horror legend Mario Bava. Macabre, his first film as director, showed how well he'd learnt his lessons.

 Still recovering from a pair of tragic and traumatic bereavements, Jane Baker (Bernice Steggers; Xtro, Sky Pilots) moves into a new apartment in New Orleans. The owner's son, Robert, is blind – but that doesn't stop him hearing what Jane gets up to. It sounds like she's resumed her passionate affair with her lover, Fred. Except that Fred died a year ago...

 Not quite a giallo, not quite a ghost story and with a final twist that will make you re-think everything you've already seen, Macabre showed that Bava Jr. – who'd go on to make the horror classic Demons – was a chip off the old block.


 NEW 2K Restoration from the Original Camera Negative

DTS-HD MA DualMono English Audio

DTS-HD MA Dual-Mono Italian Audio with newly translated English Subtitles

Don't Lose Your Head - A NEW Interview with Director Lamberto Bava

Audio Commentary by Giallo Experts, Troy Howarth and Nathaniel Thompson

Alternate Italian Opening and End Credit Titles

Original Trailer

Reversible Sleeve featuring Original Poster and VHS artwork