Lemon Popsicle (DVD, Region B)

Type: New DVD

Benji (Yiftach Katzur), Bobby (Jonathan Segal) and Hughie (Zacki Noy) spend their days at High School and their nights at the Montana, an American style ice cream parlour frequented by all the local teenagers. Here they listen to rock ‘n’ roll and try to bed as many young ladies as possible. When they’re not getting it on with High School girls, they’re looking for sex wherever they can get it: from a prostitute to the local nymphomaniac whose missing the affection of her absent sailor boyfriend. Everything is great until Niki enters the scene and Benji falls in love with her. She is more interested in Bobby but after he gets her pregnant he doesn’t want to know and Benji steps in to help like a teenage Sir Galahad. Is this his chance to prove his undying love for the girl of his dreams…or has fate one final painful blow left to deal?