Legendary Heroes: The Shadow Whip, The Deadly Breaking Sword, Legendary Weapons of China, Shaolin Intruders DVD USED

Type: Used Movies
In a world beyond your imagination, the greatest heroes who ever lived face off against the deadliest foes imaginable! Now four of the greatest, most action-packed martial arts epics come together for the very first time in this special collector's set, all restored and remastered to their original razor-sharp splendor!

Legendary Weapons of China: Confronted with brutal invading hordes during the Boxer Rebellion, heroic Lei Kung turns to a powerful arsenal of the most bizarre, deadly weapons ever unleashed in this eye-popping kung fu classic.

The Shadow Whip: A female super-swordfighter known for her fatal whip-wielding skills avenges her family and faces off against an army of foes in this rousing, visually stunning fan favorite.

The Shaolin Intruders: This stunt-packed spectacle follows three innocent martial arts masters wrongly fingered for a series of brutal murders at a holy temple, with a breathless race against time forcing them to uncover the truth.

The Deadly Breaking Sword:
 Two martial arts masters embark on a fast-kicking mission for justice against the nefarious Dr. Kuo, who terrorizes the population in a quest to master one of the world's most coveted weapons.