Leda (3D/2D)

Type: New Blu-Ray

The Greek Myth "Leda and the Swan" Comes to Life as a Contemporary Folk Horror Journey in 3D.

Young newlywed Leda is haunted by strange visions in a hypnotic retelling of the Greek myth. A stunning and eerie journey into fantasy, Samuel Tressler IV's first feature transports the ancient myth of "Leda and the Swan" to the dark forests and deep lakes that surround a mid-19th century mansion. Stereoscopic imagery carries characters and the audience into a realm where dreams, nightmares and memories bleed together. Told without words and filmed almost exclusively in black-and-white, Leda invokes poetry and horror in its fable of birth, death and other-worldly desires. Both 3D and 2D versions included on one Blu-ray disc.

Bonus Materials

  • Audio Commentary
  • Trailer
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Stills Gallery