Le Mépris aka Contempt (Blu-Ray, Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

A stunning new restoration for the 60th anniversay of LE MÉPRIS, one of the most notable examples of the French New Wave from cinema’s original enfant terrible: Jean-Luc Godard.  Featuring the style icon Brigitte Bardot (And God Created Woman, Viva Maria!) as Camille, and legendary French talent Michel Piccoli (Belle De JourThe Things of Live) as Paul, LE MÉPRIS boasts a strong and eclectic supporting cast featuring ‘master of darkness’ Director, Fritz Lang as himself, renowned American actor Jack Palance as Jeremy, and the infamous Giorgia Moll as Francesca.  Set around the extraordinary Villa Malaparte on Capri, LE MÉPRIS tells the tragic romance between Paul and his wife, Camille. Paul is enlisted the task of re-writing a film script. Whilst he becomes engrossed in writing, he appears oblivious to the film producer’s interest in his irresistibly beautiful wife, Camille. In turn, we witness the hurtful unfolding of Paul & Camille’s marriage. 

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