La Petite Mort

Type: New Blu-Ray

They are no more than 10 hours away from summer, sun and beaches. Simon (ANDREAS PAPE), his blind girlfriend Nina (INES ZAHMOUL) and vivid and fun loving Dodo (ANNA HABECK) are on their way to Mallorca. Having to change planes in Frankfurt gives them enough time for a sightseeing tour through the city. After being robbed by a stranger (MARTIN HENTSCHEL) they coincidentally end up in the "Maison de la petit mort" a place where sick and twisted games of a perverted high society take place. Lady Boss Madame Fabienne (MANOUSH) and her psychopath "daughters" Dominique (ANNIKA STRAUSS) and Angelique (MAGDALENA KALLEY) run the club where brutal torture, thrill kill murders and the deranged fantasies of incurably sick minds are daily business. Will there be any chance for an escape...?! YOU'LL FIND OUT IN "LA PETITE MORT"!

Bonus Materials

  • Making of La Petite Mort
  • Commentary with Marcel Walz
  • Interview with Marcel Walz
  • Interview with Olaf Ittenbach
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gallery
  • Trailers