Krampus and Other Yuletide Tales

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Some traditions should never be lost, like scaring your children into behaving well and teaching them to trick demons during the cold winter. Introducing Krampus and Other Yuletide Tales, a collection of wonderful macabre folk tales that have been nearly lost forever...until now. Featuring thirteen wintery stories and over sixty hauntingly beautiful illustrations, this book contains the kind of thrilling tales that will bring the family together and keep them up at night. So snuggle up with Snegurochka, the snow maiden who melts away as soon as she finds real love. Cozy up around the fire and read the story of Frau Perchta, a witch who happily slices open the bodies of misbehaving children. Watch your kids' eyes light up as they hear about Father Frost, the original present-giving bearded man who would rather freeze them to death than wastefully put a lump of coal in their stockings for being rude. Krampus is coming to town and everybody is on his naughty list. This is not your grandmother's collection of stories. These belong to her grandmother, the babushka, who knew how to celebrate Yule right: a bountiful feast paired with a little tale of murder.