Knocking on Death's Door / The Doorway (DVD)

Type: New DVD

KNOCKING ON DEATH'S DOOR: Two paranormal psychologists are assigned to investigate a series of mysterious incidents at Hillside House. In the process they discover the ghost of a young boy and are pursued by a terrifying supernatural force which tries to stop their investigations and threatens their lives. Will they solve the tragic crime before they fall victim to the horror themselves? THE DOORWAY: For four college students, it sounded like an idyllic gig... a semester's lodgings of an old Georgian mansion, in exchange for making a few house repairs. But their arrival has unearthed more than just dirt and dust... it has uncovered a doorway to demonic evils and depraved passions. Recruiting paranormal expert Professor Lamaont (Roy Scheider), they must close the doorway before all Hell breaks loose. But with Hell... what goes down, can come back up... for you!