Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects

Type: New Blu-Ray


Straddling the cultural divide between the East and West, Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects stars Charles Bronson (Messenger of Death) as Lt. Crowe, a coarsened Los Angeles cop whose objectivity is compromised when a case he's investigating hits close to home. Crowe will reexamine his prejudices when he forges a friendship with a Japanese businessman whose daughter he's saved from a child prostitution ring. But an unexpected tragedy will lead the out-for-justice Crowe into uncharted waters as he pursues the murderous pimp known as Duke (Juan Fernández, Bulletproof) in the edge-of-your seat crime drama Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects. Written by Harold Nebenzal (The Wilby Conspiracy), the film features supporting performances by Perry Lopez (Chinatown), Peggy Lipton (TV's Twin Peaks), Nicole Eggert (TV's Baywatch) and Sy Richardson (Repo Man).