Type: New Blu-Ray
Kinetta is a perversely fascinating
early feature from director Yorgos
Lanthimos, who would later go on to
international renown with Dogtooth,
Alps, and The Favourite. It is set at
a desolate Greek resort town where
a bored chambermaid (Evangelia
Randou, Attenberg) forms a bizarre
trio with a control freak detective
(Costas Xikominos) and an eccentric
photo shop clerk (Aris Servetalis, Alps).
Together they stage re-enactments of
the murders of a local serial killer. What
at first seems to be an investigative
experiment turns out to be more of
an exploration into the depths of their
own psychosexual obsessions. As
provocative and thought-provoking
as his more famous work, Kinetta is
essential to understanding one of the
greatest artists of his generation.

Special Features:
-Audio commentary by film critic Amy Simmons