Type: New Blu-Ray

Spanning over 30 years, HUNTERS is the unrelenting tale of two cinephile brothers who abduct their victims in the rural woods of Pennsylvania. These brothers objectify and humiliate their victims leaving them stripped of any trace of humanity. These heinous acts are all in the pursuit to create a genuine horror film. Not recommended for sensitive viewers, Massacre Video presents the controversial HUNTERS by cult director Adam Ahlbrandt completely uncut and uncensored.


Disc Extras:

- Reversible Cover

- Audio Commentary with Director Adam Ahlbrandt and Producer C.G Noir*

- Audio Commentary with Star J.D Brown*

- Did We Go too Far? - A HUNTERS Retrospective*

- Raw Tapes

- Dig Your Own Grave Deleted Scene

- A Trip Down Memory Lane with J.D Brown

- Stills Gallery*

- Trailers for Other Massacre Video Titles