How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (4K UHD/ Blu-Ray Combo) USED

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Vikings and Dragons

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Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup, now 20, is the tenacious, spirited son of Stoick the Vast, cheifman of Berk. No longer a runt, but still lanky by comparison. Hiccup is the island’s ace flier and resident dragon expert.

Personality: Witty, sarcastic, compassionate and empathetic.

Astrid Hofferson

Astrid, 20, is the self-assured, competitive champion of the Dragon Races and Hiccup’s longtime girlfriend. She’s tough and rational, providing Hiccup with a blunt voice of reason while remaining his most outspoken supporter.

Personality: Dutiful, competitive and emotionally driven.

Toothless - Night Fury

Once thought of as the “unholy offspring of lightning and death itself,” Toothless (20 in dragon years) has proven to be much more of a giant, winged pussycat than the stuff of nightmares.

Personality: Playful, inquisitive, intelligent, loyal and empathetic with boundless puppy-like energy.

Light Fury

The Light Fury hides seamlessly in clouds, sea fog and distant horizons. Although skittish and skeptical of humans, the Light Fury also shares Toothless’ deep sense of empathy and will always wield her plasma blasts to defend any in need.

Personality: Beguiling blot from the blue!

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Stormfly - Deadly Nadder

Although she preens and grooms herself like the most fastidious of birds. Stormfly actually possesses a playful spirit.

Personality: Precise and cunning in battle, yet warm and affectionate with friends old and new.

Meatlug - Gronckle

Unlike other Gronckles, Meatlug is actually a very sweet and affectionate dragon, especially with her rider Fishlegs.

Personality: Exceedingly demonstrative and sweet, yet quite self-conscious despite her thick hide.