Horror Unmasked: A History of Terror from Nosferatu to Nope (HC)

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From the silent-film era to the blockbusters of today, Horror Unmasked is a fun-filled, highly illustrated dive into the past influences and present popularity of the horror film genre.

The horror film’s pop-culture importance is undeniable, from its early influences to today’s most significant and exciting developments in the genre. Since 1990, the production of horror films has risen exponentially worldwide, and in 2021, horror films earned an estimated $580 million in ticket sales, not to mention how the genre has expanded into books, fashion, music, and other media throughout the world.

Horror has long been the most popular film genre, and more horror movies have been made than any other kind. We need them. We need to be scared, to test ourselves, laugh inappropriately, scream, and flinch. We need to get through them and come out, blinking, still in one piece. This comprehensive guide features:

  • A thorough discussion on monster movies and B-movies (The ThingIt Came from Outer SpaceThe Blob)
  • The destruction of the American censorship system (Blood FeastThe Night of the Living DeadThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
  • International horror, zombies, horror comedies, and horror in the new millennium (MatangoSuspiriaGhostbusters)
  • A dissection of the critical reception of modern horror (Neon DemonPan’s LabyrinthFunny Games)
  • Stunning movie posters and film stills, plus fan-made tributes to some of the most lauded horror franchises in the world (Aliensthe Evil DeadThe Hills Have EyesScream)

perfect reference and informational book for horror fans and those interested in its cultural influence worldwideHorror Unmasked provides a general introduction to the genre, serves as a guidebook to its film highlights, and celebrates its practitioners, trends, and stories.