Hellgate Cover B Limited Edition Mediabook GERMAN IMPORT (REGION B) USED

Type: Used Movies
United States 1957. In the small, sleepy town of Hellagte, life goes on as usual until the day when the sensual Josie is brutally raped. Then all residents leave the place. 1989. Young Matt is on his way to visit his friends for a carefree vacation when he is forced to stop by a frail woman who jumps in front of his car. Introducing herself as "Josie", she gets in his car and seduces him in a spooky mansion. However, their spell wears off very quickly as the insane and disfigured Lucas trades in and causes Matt to flee. The friends' investigations uncover a grisly truth: the town is inhabited by "dead" zombies who greet each newcomer with their own terrifying way...