Hammer Volume Five: Death & Deceit (Limited Edition) REGION B USED *see note*



Collection of four classic films from Hammer Film Productions.In 'Visa to Canton' (1960) former pilot Don Benton (Richard Basehart), now living in Hong Kong, travels to Communist China in search of a missing young pilot but finds himself caught up with an American agent with a target on her back.In 'The Pirates of Blood River' (1962) a band of pirates led by Captain LaRoche (Christopher Lee) invade a penal colony in search of treasure.In 'The Scarlet Blade' (1965), when King Charles I (Robert Rietty) is captured by Roundhead supporters Col.Judd (Lionel Jeffries) and Captain Sylvester (Oliver Reed), it falls to a small group of the king's loyal supporters to mount a rescue attempt.The daunting task is soon lessened, however, by the involvement of Judd's daughter Claire (June Thorburn), who goes behind her father's back to secretly help the locals with their plans.Finally, in 'The Brigand of Kandahar' (1965), set in 1850s India, Lt.Case (Ronald Lewis) is thrown out of his British Army regiment when he is accused of cowardice in action.He exacts his revenge on those responsible by joining forces with a local band of rebel tribesmen led by colourful chieftain Ali Khan (Reed).