Freakshow aka Black Roses (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Mill Basin, a small provincial town in the American Midwest. The youth of the American provincial backwater are looking forward to the four-day rock spectacle with the performance of the heavy metal band "Black Roses". Finally an opportunity to forget the boring school lessons and the frustrating home. The good citizens of the city want to ban the concert because of the group's blasphemous lyrics. But teacher Moorhouse doesn't want to spoil the fun for his students.
At the first sound from the megawatt system everyone is electrified and when Damien grabs the microphone all hell literally breaks loose. By the time Moorhouse realizes the music is acting like a drug, it's already too late. The totally unleashed youth goes wild and doesn't stop at anything. There are the first dead. Moorhouse desperately tries to save his attractive favorite student, Julie, before she, too, succumbs to the devilish sound. He must prevent the band from continuing their "tour of terror" before the spark of madness spreads across America.

Drum god Carmine Appice, an idol of the musical world, drums his heart out as a member of "Black Roses". A paragon role for Appice. The film is accompanied by a "hellish" soundtrack of rock and heavy metal classics by bands like Lizzy Borden, Bang Tango or King Kobra, as well as four songs written especially for this film by the musicians of the film band "Black Roses"!

- 2 original trailers
- Cannes promo
- picture gallery
- filmographies: Carine Appice, Julie Adams, Vincent Pastore & John Fasano
- trailer show
- reversible cover with 2nd motif