Empire of the Dark (DVD)

Type: New DVD

20 years ago police officer Richard Flynn (Steve Barkett) stepped through a swirling vortex into another dimension to try and save the woman he loved and her infant baby from being sacrificed in a satanic ritual. The baby's mother, Angela (Terry Hendrickson), perished. Or did she? 20 years later, the infant, now a young man, is being pursued again by the same sinister figures Flynn killed that evil night. These "immortals" (Richard Harrison & Dan Speaker) must have the boy's life to complete the sacrifice they began 20 years ago, a ritual that will release upon the earth a legion of ancient demons. Together Flynn and the boy set out on a journey that will take them over rivers of lava, through underground caves stretching hundreds of miles and on through the very gates of Hell! Along their treacherous path, the two must face giant demons, and a legion of soldiers of the Army of Darkness. They fight with ancient swords and automatic weapons to destroy the cult before it can unleash an ancient unstoppable evil that will destroy the entire world! The Empire of the Dark!