El Gangster

Type: New Blu-Ray

Classic 1965 Mexican comedy film directed by Luis Alcoriza starring Arturo de Córdova and Angélica María.

El Gangster is a first in comedy for director, Luis Alcoriza, and great comedic performance by actor, Arturo de Córdova. Our story centers around "Tony Wall," an x-gangster who was active during Chicago's prohibition period but has decided he is tired of living on the wrong side of the law. So, after paying his debt to the North American justice system and now desiring peace and tranquility, he moves back to the old country, followed by his x-criminal companions "Romo", "Rito", "Chuck" and "Maggie." Taking up the mantle to rescue his deceased brother's family, he moves next to sister-in-law and widow 'Isabel," along her two nephews, "Carito" and "Pedro." The hilarity begins when the unreceptive and resentful nephews thus proceed to make life for Tony and his companions as unpleasant and challenging as possible.