Eastern Heroes - Vol No2 Issue No 1: Jackie Chan (Special Collector's Hardback Edition)

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After the first successful volume of Eastern Heroes Magazine, it's great to announce the New Volume 2. Issue No1.I got Artist Darren wheeling to create this stunning Jackie Chan cover, to tie in with a special article Entitled "Jackie Chan the Lost Interviews"Back in 1879/80, Jackie made two appearances on The Dinah Shore show, where an up-and-coming Jackie Chan was showcasing some behind-the-scenes of his movie "The Young Master" Along with Raymond Chow and some of his stunt team. He made a second appearance in 1980 to promote his starring role in "Battle Creek Brawl". These episodes were only transmitted once and have since been lost. Darren was fortunate enough to see have seen these in a bad quality archive tape and transcribed both interviews.Also insideFrom Stunts to Laughter Jackies Chan's latest offering is "Ride On". a full movie review from Simon Pritchard.

Thorsten Boose will look at The History of Jackie Chan with Horses after the success of "Ride On".

The Art of Dubbing: How Jackie's Voice Was Brought to Life Paul Dre looks at the man behind the dubbing.

Collecting Jackie Chan Japanese Movie Pamphlets - Mike Nesbitt showcases some of the rare Jackie Chan Movie advertisements.

Five Fingers of Discs Johnny Burnet looks at all the new Jackie Chan release.Jackie Chan his top ten cameos - Paul BramhallPlusFans of the 36 Chambers Alan Donkin interviews Paul Bramhall