Drive in Double Feature: Barracuda/Island Fury DVD USED

Type: Used Movies
While visiting a remote island with friends, two young girls discover a cache of mob money. as well as a clan of bloodthirsty cannibals who pick off the vacationers one by one. The girls manage to escape but are kidnapped years later by wiseguys hell-bent on getting back their loot. Forced back to the island to find the treasure, the girls and their captors instead find nothing but trouble. Also more notoriously known as Please Don't Eat the Babies, this strange shocker was one of the last horror films from independent producer Mardi Rustam (Eaten Alive, Evils of the Night).


The quaint seaside town of Palm Cove is home to upstanding citizens, good ol' fashioned southern hospitality . and a deadly rash of barracuda attacks. The town sheriff (William Kerwin, Blood Feast, Scum of the Earth) and a young marine biologist (Wayne Crawford, God's Bloody Acre) join forces to discover that the culprits are none other than the local chemical plant and its odious managers. but little do they know that the scheme runs much, much deeper. Produced in the wake of Jaws, this homegrown "regional" film is equal parts horror and suspense, with industrial-government conspiracy themes predating those of The X-Files and Halloween III.