Dr. C. Lillefisk's Sirenology

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I’ve always known mermaids to be real, I’ve seen proof of their existence. But for those who still think they’re the stuff of fairytales, this book will certainly change their mind.— Iris Compiet

The future of mermaids is in peril. Open this book and learn about these wild and mysterious creatures before they are gone forever. Dr. Lillefisk presents her field notes, sketches, and research on the rich and expansive mermaid ecosystem and how it exists alongside the human world. Indeed, the growing environmental threat that humans impose on these creatures is at the fore of Dr. Lillefisk’s appeal for attention and funding so that research and preservation of these creatures can continue.

Each mermaid is inspired by a real or mythological creature and blended with fantasy, Jana Heidersorf’s imagination, and a fantastical pseudo-natural science that reveals the fantastical world beneath the waves of planet Earth's lakes, oceans, and seas. Dr. C. Lillefisk’s Sirenology: A Guide to Mermaids and other under-the-sea-Phenonemon joins the Wool of Bat specialty series which aims to help preserve and promote folklore, mythology, and oral history whether it be real or imagined. If you are looking for myths, legends, and the supernatural, look no further than Wool of Bat.