Double Nickels + Between the Covers (Drive-In Double Feature #17)

Type: New Blu-Ray

DOUBLE NICKELS: Two highway patrolmen think they are working on the side repossessing cars. But eventually, they realize that they have been tricked and are actually stealing the cars.

BETWEEN THE COVERS: A fiercely beautiful female executive goes to a meeting filled with male executives. One by one they each describe their erotic stories in this out of control, exciting expose of a traveling salesman.



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  • New HD transfers made from the only known existing 35mm prints.
  • 'Double Nickels' stars Jack Vacek and Trice Schubert (who were reunited in the 1989 cult action flick 'Deadly Addiction') and George Cole (from the original 1974 'Gone in 60 Seconds')
  • 'Between the Covers' (aka 'Liebe zwischen Tür und Angel - Vertreterinnen-Report') stars Heidi Kappler (Butterfly), Heidrun Hankammer (2069: A Sex Odyssey) and Michael Büttner (Wild Geese II)