King Kong (1976)

Type: New Blu-Ray

The Petrox company's search for new oil reserves on a strange island unleashes a terror unseen by civilized man – KING KONG! The timeless story of a beauty (Jessica Lange, making her feature-film debut) and a beast comes to the screen in this ambitious production from Dino De Laurentiis. Charles Grodin is the scheming oil company shark out to exploit the giant beast to his fullest. And Jeff Bridges is the desperate hero, Jack Prescott, who attempts to wrest the beautiful heroine from King Kong's grasp. New York City trembles with each echoing footstep of the towering ape set loose in the streets!

Bonus Features


NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historian Ray Morton (Author Of KING KONG – THE HISTORY OF A MOVIE ICON)

NEW Audio Interview With Special Makeup Effects Wizard Rick Baker

NEW Something’s Haywire – An Interview With Actor Jack O’Halloran

NEW On The Top Of The World – An Interview With Assistant Director David McGiffert And Production Manager Brian Frankish

NEW Maybe In Their Wildest Dreams – An Interview With Sculptor Steve Varner

NEW There’s A Fog Bank Out There – An Interview With Second Unit Director William Kronick

NEW From Space To Apes – An Interview With Photographic Effects Assistant Barry Nolan

NEW When The Monkey Dies, Everybody Cries – An Interview With Production Assistants Jeffrey Chernov And Scott Thaler

Audio: DTS-HD 5.1 And NEW Restored Theatrical DTS-HD 2.0 Stereo Track

Theatrical Trailer

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Still Galleries – Posters, Lobby Cards, Behind-The-Scenes Photos


NEW 2K Scan Of The Additional TV Footage From The Internegative

KING KONG Panel Discussion From The Aero Theater (2016)