Snapshot (Umbrella, Region Free, Limited Booklet) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

Snapshot (1979) is volume #11 in our Ozploitation Classics collection. This release includes limited O-ring packaging, special features, artwork – and a limited Ozploitation Sampler CD and Snapshot Collector's Booklet. 


The click of a fashion photographer’s camera started her on a career that led to terror and death! A young, impressionable trainee hairdresser, Angela (Sigrid Thornton), becomes a media sensation after posing topless for an advertising campaign. Thrust into the high stakes world of glamour and fame, Angela discovers that she is being stalked by a mysterious psychopath – in a Mr. Whippy van!


Could the unseen psycho be the seductive lesbian super model (Chantel Contouri), the kinky photographer (Hugh Keays-Byrne), the lecherous film producer (Robert Bruning) or Angela’s devoted - but unstable - boyfriend (Vincent Gill). All will be revealed in this taut and titillating thriller from Ozploitation A-team producer Antony I. Ginnane (Patrick), director Simon Wincer (Harlequin), screenwriter Everett De Roche (Long Weekend) and cinematographer Vincent Monton (Roadgames). 


Director: Simon Wincer

Cast: Chantal Contouri, Robert Bruning, Sigrid Thornton, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Denise Drysdale 


Antony I. Ginnane Ozploitation Sampler CD

Original 24 page collector's booklet

2018 audio commentary with producer Antony I. Ginnane moderated by film critic Jaimie Leonarder

2017 audio commentary with Sigrid Thornton, Simon Wincer, Antony I. Ginnane and Vincent Monton moderated by filmmaker Mark Hartley

2013 audio commentary with producer Antony I. Ginnane moderated by horror hostess Katarina Leigh Walters

Extended interviews from NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD with Sigrid Thornton, Simon Wincer, Antony I. Ginnane, Everett De Roche, Vincent Monton, Tom Burstall and Lynda Stoner

"Producing Snapshot" – interview featurette

100 minute original edit (taken from a VHS source)

Antony I. Ginnane trailer reel

Stills and poster gallery with audio interview with stuntman Grant Page

TV spots

US Alt Credit Sequence