Love and Other Cults (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Loosely based on a true story, Love and Other Cults follows Ai, a girl who is neglected by her religious mother to the point of abuse, and finally dumped into a weird love-cult. Growing up in the cult for seven years, Ai is adored and worshipped by everyone, and life is good. But when the cult is disbanded after its leaders are arrested, Ai is woefully unprepared for living in the "real" world. As a teenager, she quickly ends up in a life of drug use, prostitution, foster homes, street gangs, and yakuza, only finding a personal foothold for herself when she becomes a porn star, adored and worshipped once more.


Special Features

ALL REGION (will play on all bluray and dvd players)

Dual Format Both DVD and Bluray included

30 minutes of Deleted scenes inc alternate endings

Interview with lead actor Kenta Suga

Music Video