Butch Camp

Type: New Blu-Ray

The 1996 not-very-P.C. romantic comedy BUTCH CAMP turns the tables on sexual politics as the main characters struggle to find love and get along in an intolerant world. Comedian Judy Tenuta ("The Weird Al Show") stars as a sex goddess turned neo-facist commandant who runs the "Butch Camp", a hysterical pseudo S&M style boot camp training center for gay men to learn how to act macho. Paul Denniston ("Desperate Housewives") plays the twenty something sensitive gay man who has been put down one too many times.


The Chicago Tribune calls it "Utterly Charming...a hit" and now a brand new HD master from the only surviving 35mm film source owned by writer/director Alessandro de Gaetano (Project: Metalbeast). This rare oddity of an indie film has never looked better on home video!