Django (4K UHD, Limited Collector's Edition, Region Free/B)

Type: New 4K UHD

Any blu-ray in this is region b.  4K disc is region free.


DJANGO 1st ever 4K-UHD [High Definition Restored] Limited, Numbered Edition Collector’s Set (Region Free).

Sergio Corbucci’s ground-breaking DJANGO is one of the greatest and most influential Westerns ever. Seminal, yet banned for decades, its aesthetics of visual cruelty transcended the genre and shaped today’s film-making language. Its major influence is declared by Quentin Tarantino - among many Hollywood directors - and seen in his all films.

Django, played by the legendary Franco Nero, is the mysterious lone gunslinger who, dragging a coffin behind him, arrives in a bleak, mud-drenched town where he’ll face two ruthless gangs of sadistic killers.

Presented uncut, from new 4K-restored elements, this definitive version is pristinely faithful to the original filmmakers’ vision as attested by Ruggero Deodato (of ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ fame) who shot several scenes of ‘DJANGO’ as the then-Assistant to Corbucci.


A riveting feature-length testimonial by Quentin Tarantino complements this edition: showing many clips, he explains how Sergio Corbucci’s ‘Django’ permeates his own films from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ to his resounding tribute ‘Django Unchained’. And whimsically Tarantino tells how, in his ‘Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood’, his fictional actor, played by Leonardo DiCaprio,

ends up working for the real Sergio Corbucci. (By Steve Della Casa and Luca Rea. Directed by Luca Rea. 2021. 78 Mins).


  • On-disc interviews with Franco Nero on being Django, Ruggero Deodato (of ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ fame) on being Sergio Corbucci’s assistant, Alex Cox (Creator of BBC’ Moviedrome & cult-director of RepoMan) defines DJANGO
  • New reworked English subtitles & additional SDH
  • Perfect-Bound 64 pages booklet with foreword by Franco Nero: “Django The Western Cranked-up!” by Kevin Grant. FAB Press
  • ArtCard with original posters
  • Slip Case Serial Numbered + reversible inlays with 3 key artworks