Der Mann Aus Virginia (The Man From Virginia, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray
With this virtuoso staged late western, also known as CALIFORNIA, Michele Lupo (ONE FIST GOES WEST) literally buried the spaghetti western. RINGO star Giuliano Gemma once again celebrated the genre that made him world famous.
1865: The Civil War is over. Gunslinger California (Giuliano Gemma) travels through the drained country towards home. On the way he meets Preston, also on the way back home. But Preston is killed by violent Northerners, and California has to break the news to the family. When marauding bounty hunters threaten the grieving family, California stands up to them.
  • Blu-ray for the first time in Germany
  • English trailer
  • Interview with screenwriter Roberto Leoni (approx. 31 minutes)
  • Interview with film historian Fabio Melelli (approx. 8 minutes)
  • Photo gallery with rare advertising material
  • Booklet with lyrics by Marco Koch and Lars Johansen