Das Boot (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

At the height of WWII, a young submarine crew heads out to sea on a top-secret mission that all but ensures most will never make it home alive. Ordered to patrol the Atlantic and destroy an allied armada bringing supplies to Britain, these raw recruits must band together, bracing themselves against a depth-charge assault from an unseen enemy. Oscar-nominated® director Wolfgang Petersen’s epic adventure deftly explores tension as pressure builds to an explosive climax, packing a visceral punch few movies can match.

Special Features:

  • Wolfgang Petersen: Back To The Boat documentary
  • Going Deeper: Maria's Take, The Perfect Boat--The Director's Cut
  • Captain's Tour--Inside the Boat
  • The Battle of the Atlantic (1983)
  • Behind the scenes (1981)
  • Commentary with director Wolfgang Peterson