Cutthroat Island (Blu-Ray, Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

Geena Davis and Matthew Modine star in Renny Harlin’s famous mega-budget adventure swashbuckler. It follows Morgan (Geena Davis), the daughter of a famous pirate who is on a quest to find fabled riches. Enlisting the help of William (Matthew Modine), they begin a tempestuous journey but Morgan’s villainous Uncle (Frank Langella) is in hot pursuit. This glorious restoration of Cutthroat Island shows how spectacular this guilty pleasure really is. There is no other pirate film like it!



• NEW The Adventure Of A Lifetime: Making Cutthroat Island

• NEW Charting The Course: Creating Cutthroat Island

• NEW Across The Bow: Editing Cutthroat Island

• NEW Summon Your Courage: Scoring Cutthroat Island

• NEW Ecce Pirate - A Short Film By Matthew Modine

• Commentary from Director Renny Harlin

• Making Of

• Behind The Scenes

• Storyboards

• Interviews

• Original Trailer