Taoism Drunkard (DVD)

Type: New DVD

TAOISM DRUNKARD: Over the top action Hong Kong style. The Yuen clan is a family of crazy martial arts movie makers; most notable among them is Yuen Wo Ping the action director of the Matrix franchise and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. This time they have choreographed some of the most bizarre stunt and wire work ever committed to film. Taoism Drunkard is like a Kaiju "Big Battle" on Jolt. A drunken Taoist priest is ordered to find a "Cherry Boy", to appease his temple's ancestors. The Cherry Boy in question is Chiu, (Yuen Yat Chor, a.k.a. Simon Yuen Jr.) a young man who lives with his grandmother, trying to protect a sacred writ from a bright red, snarling bad guy. And let's just say insanity follows! Charlie's Angels action director Yuen Chung-Yan directs the organized chaos is Taoism Drunkard!