Mad Ron's Previews From Hell (DVD)

Type: New DVD

This is the ultimate party tape. A must have for every horror collector, this compilation of the greatest most squeamish movie trailers of all time has become one of the long lost cult favorites in horror-dom. See this critically acclaimed unrated compilation of the greatest horror movie trailers of all time, hosted by ventriloquist Nick Pawlowand his very dead zombie pal, Happy Goldsplatt. Watch as Happy's ravenous film-going flesh-eater friends devour everything and everyone in sight while enjoying some of the nastiest and scariest prevue's like: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tales from the Crypt and Night of the Living Dead. Spectacular makeup effects by Jordu Schell (Lead Character Designer for James Cameron's Academy Award winning epic Avatar and Conceptual Creature Designer for Frank Darabont's The Mist) and Jay Kushwara (Millennium and TV's Monsters).