Lethal Kisses: 19 Stories of Sex, Horror & Revenge - First Edition Hardcover USED

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Lethal Kisses: nineteen acts of vengeance inspired by slights real and imagined, in the office, at home, in bed.. A collection of truly horrifying tales of revenge from the finest writers of short fiction. Includes eighteen brand new stories commissioned for this collection, plus a classic reprint from Ruth Rendell. Gus gives to his girl the most beautiful gift she has ever been given, but she cannot see its true worth and pays dearly for her mistake. A city wideboy plans yet another coup against the planners and conservationists. But London and her ghosts turn his greed to sacrifice.. A philanderer spends a night with one nameless woman too many and lives to regret it: his last hours are spent having his eyes well and truly opened to the error of his ways.. Lethal Kisses is a companion volume to the World Fantasy Award winning Little Deaths.