The Jack Vance Reader (SUBTERRANEAN PRESS Deluxe Hardcover 1st Edition) USED

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Jack Vance is science fiction’s world-builder par excellence, a multi-award-winning Grand Master and much-loved doyen of the art of the planetary adventure. In a career spanning 59 years, Vance has been responsible -- more than any other writer in the field -- for creating exotic alien cultures and living, breathing worlds, among them Tschai, Durdane and Big Planet, Trullion, Cadwal and Wyst, Aerlith, Fader and Dar Sai.

Now, in a single impressive volume, The Jack Vance Reader brings together three of the master’s very best planetary adventures: the internationally acclaimed Emphyrio, the classic interplanetary whodunnit, The Domains of Koryphon, and the provocative and unforgettable The Languages of Pao.