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Mama's Dirty Girls / Supervan / Piranha! Piranha!



Mama loves men, but she loves money even more. She's trained her three teenage daughters to meet, marry and murder men for their money. But soon they meet Harold and he's got other plans. Starring Hollywood legend / Academy Award winner Gloria Grahame (OKLAHOMA, ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW, BLOOD AND LACE) and drive in stars Sondra Currie (CONCRETE JUNGLE, JESSIE'S GIRLS, POLICEWOMAN), and Candice Rialson (PETS, HOLLYWOOD BLVD, MOONSHINE COUNTY EXPRESS, SUMMER SCHOOL TEACHERS).


On his way to the Van Freakout competition, Clint Morgan rescues runaway Karen Trenton from being detained by a motorcycle gang. Sadly, his van is demolished in the process. Unknown to Clint, Karen's father Trenton is the sponsor of the competition and is unveiling his latest model- the Trenton Trucker! Trenton's dream machine is sabotaged by a rival, culminating in a thrill packed car chase. See the ultimate van that "King of Kustom" George Barris created.


Wildlife photographer Terry (Ahna Capri ENTER THE DRAGON, BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN) and her brother Art (Peter Brown CONCRETE JUNGLE) go to Venezuela for a photo shoot. They hire Jim Pendrake (William Smith, LOSERS, SEVEN, ANGELS DIE HARD, TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING, ULTIMATE WARRIOR) to guide them through the jungle.

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