Scar-red Rider XechS: The Complete Series (DVD)

Type: New DVD

Humanity is engrained in a fierce battle against dangerous beings from the red world known as Nightfly O’Notes who are hellbent on turning Earth into a barren wasteland. To prevent this disaster, they’ve established a defense agency called “LAG”. And at only 17 years old, Akira Asagi has been put in charge of the main combat unit. Though she’s incredibly intelligent and capable, she’s about to be put to the test with the boys of unit Scar-red Rider XechS!

Gifted with great power, these boys know how to fight, but their teamwork needs serious help! Can Akira bring them together so they can fight as one against the menace that threatens their world? Through the power of music, they’ll prove they have what it takes to rock and rescue the world!