5-Film Disaster Collection: Epicenter / The Chain Reaction / The Day The Earth Moved / Fire From Below / The Day the Sky Exploded (DVD)

Type: New DVD
After the FBI's hottest agent (
Traci Lords) brings in a wanted computer hacker, she must transport him from San Francisco to Los Angeles. But the trip doesn't go quite as planned when Mother Nature suddenly unleashes her fury in the form of a devastating earthquake.

The Chain Reaction
A dangerous leak in a nuclear waste storage facility threatens to contaminate a community's water source affecting thousands of lives if engineer Heinrich Schmidt can't warn them first. Starring 
Steve Bisley, Arna-Maria Winchester, Ross Thompson.

The Day the Earth Moved
An aerial photographer predicts that an earthquake will wipe out a tiny desert community unless he can get to it first.

Fire From Below
In the town of Lost Lake, all reports seem to indicate an earthquake has just occurred, despite the absence of a fault line. If it's not an earthquake, what could cause this kind of damage? Seismologist Jake Denning (
Kevin Sorbo) is about to find out.

The Day the Sky Exploded
A malfunctioning rocket crashes into an asteroid belt, causing it to break apart. As a result, meteors begin slamming into the Earth. The world's best scientists put their heads together in a last-ditch attempt to stop the tragedy before Earth's fate is sealed.