The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (4K UHD, Limited Edition Mediabook, Region Free/B) Cover D

Type: New 4K UHD

4K discs are Region Free, blu-ray discs are Region B


4K Restoration from 16mm Negative - Featuring HDR + Dolby Vision for the first time on Ultra HD Blu-ray

In 1974, writer, director and producer Tobe Hooper unleashed his dark vision upon mankind - a story about five young friends whose innocent journey to... turns into a nightmare on a summer afternoon. The film was labeled perverse and glorified violence, was banned in many countries and, at the time, was only recognized by the bravest critics as the film that redefined horror. The Texas Bloody Judgment divided, shocked and stunned audiences around the world, set a benchmark in its genre, set a new course and made Leatherface a horror icon.

Tobe Hooper 's chainsaw massacre remains a milestone in exploitation cinema and is still one of the most frightening horror films of all time
Paul A. Partain , Edwin Neal , Jim Siedow , Gunnar Hansen


Bonus material:
+ 64-page booklet by Tobias Hohmann about the history of the creation and the franchise
+ four audio comments by cast, director, cameraman , editor and sound engineer
+ Documentaries and Interviews The Chainsaw Business: From Grandfather's Sewing Box, The Chainsaw Cut, The Hallowed Ground of Horror
+ Documentaries: TCM - A Family Portrait - The Shocking - Truth, Flesh Wounds and Off the Hook
+ A guided tour through the TCM house with Gunnar Hansen
+ Removed Scenes and Outtakes
+ The Shocking Truth Outtakes
+ 40th Anniversary Trailer, Cinema Trailer (USA, D), US TV & Radio Spots

The bonus material has optional German subtitles and is partly in SD.

Number of discs: 3
Genre: Horror